Ken Freeman

Ken has traveled throughout the United States and into Canada to tell people about the Living God who has the power to transform lives.  He speaks at churches, revivals, conventions, conferences, and retreats of all kinds.  He even speaks in public schools, encouraging students not to give into peer pressure and to live a life that makes a difference.  One principal commented, “Our kids have never behaved so well during an assembly.  They had a good time, but when he got down to it, you could have heard a pin drop.”

Ken’s approach to evangelism allows him to grab the attention of his audience through humor and his down to earth personality.  His message, then, is always delivered in a fresh, easy to understand manner that roots itself in God’s word.  Ken’s ability to be versatile allows him to communicate well in any setting, traditional or contemporary, school auditorium or church staff meeting, a large convention or an intimate retreat.

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith is a College Pastor at Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX. Jacob was called by God into full-time ministry during his freshman year at Texas A&M University. After a number of years in student ministry, Jacob transitioned into college ministry in 2013. Jacob and his wife, Susan, live in College Station with their daughter, Charlotte, and their son, Lawrence.

Jeremy and Caleb Freeman

Jeremy Freeman has been the Pastor of First Baptist Church Newcastle since July 2009. He is married to the beautiful Emily Freeman. Together they have 5 children: Brittany, Caleb, Clayton, Trey, and Aubrey.

He became a Christian at 16 years old and God called him into full time ministry when he was 17. He attended Oklahoma Baptist University and graduated with a Master of Arts in Religion in May of 1999. After college, he took his first full time ministry position in Rogers, AR. While in Rogers, he began attending The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary via extension center. He graduated from Southern in May of 2008 with Master of Divinity degree.

Tyler Campbell





Tyler Campbell was born on October 26, 1986 in Houston, Texas, to Earl and Reuna Campbell.  Tyler recalls life-changing words learned from his father at an early age, “A Campbell Never Quits.” Whenever confronted with life’s obstacles, this lesson provides strength and encouragement.

Being equipped with a powerful testimony.  Tyler has become a spokesperson for empowering, inspiring and motivating messages of confidence and self-worth; messages that lift the human spirit and change one’s perspectives on life.

Tyler, a graduate of San Diego State University, is proudly married to Shana Campbell. They are the parents of one son, Messiah Campbell.  The Campbell family resides in Texas.

Jeff Montgomery

Jeff Montgomery prepares his class at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas on August 10, 2015. (Cooper Neil)

Jeff Montgomery has been the camp director for Wild Week since 2010. During the school year he teaches Sophomore and Senior English and coaches baseball at Regents School of Austin, Texas. Along with coaching and teaching high school students he also serves as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsor at Westlake. He is a elder at Life Austin Church and has been involved with the youth program as a youth leader there for the last 12 years.

Ron and Felicia Bruno








Felicia and Ron currently reside in Austin, Texas, and have been married and working together
for over 21 years. Over the past 10 years both Felicia and Ron have worked with youth, within
their church at Life Austin, as youth leaders. They both have been fitness trainers for many years
and are the developers of the health and wellness program, COR: 6 Fitness, teaching others how
to live a healthy lifestyle as laid out within the Bible.
Ron and Felicia are both key figures of Altura HealthShare, a recognized health care sharing
ministry, that gives individuals health coverage options around the country, while helping spread
the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Prior to working in his current position, Ron has over 30 years’ experience in the development of
companies from multiple sectors of the business arena. His experiences as an entrepreneur range
from program development, fund raising within the public and private sector, investor relations,
commercial and residential development, construction and financing industry. These companies combined generated over $600 million dollars in sales and revenue.
Felicia over the past 20 has closely worked with Ron, helping him to build their correctional business as
well as assisting in his residential and commercial construction business. Felicia also spent 10 years as a
national competitor in the area of fitness and bodybuilding. As a certified personal trainer, Felicia, as
changed the lives of so many, helping them to understand the benefits of living healthy life styles.