We strive to create exciting activities and opportunities for all of your students. We set aside ample time for relaxing, recreational activities, group bonding. All of our staff maintains focus on keeping your kids excited about being at Wild Week. We work hard to create an environment your students will be thrilled about returning to year after year!


While most youth speakers are either gifted in evangelism or discipleship, our conference pastor, Ken Freeman genuinely has both. God works through them to draw those who don’t know Him to salvation and those who do know Him into a deeper and more mature relationship – often in the same worship service. It is rare to find a conference/camp that can touch saved and unsaved students in an equally powerful way.


To put it simply, we don’t get in a hurry. When it’s time to celebrate and have fun, we rock it out. And when it’s time to worship and reflect, we slow things down and enter in. Our worship leaders recognize that the true purpose of worship is simply for us to respond to who God is and what He has done. It is their heart to provide an atmosphere that allows and encourages this response from every camper.


We recognize that student pastors, senior pastors, and all youth workers are truly on the front lines in the battle for the hearts of our youth. Our heart is to come alongside you in your ministry and offer support to the work God is already doing in your group. We do the work for you, so that when you get to our conference, your only job is to pour into your students. We also offer special adult-only classes and prayer times so that you can also leave the conference spiritually refreshed and revived.